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Customer service 24 x 7 x 365

Hometown Forecast Services is the leading provider of on-air weather broadcasting services to radio stations. Over 125 radio stations nationwide and across the Caribbean rely on HFS to deliver all of their weather needs.

Regardless of your station’s location, format, or demographics, HFS has a solution that’s right for you. Our services are scalable and can be customized to fit any sized budget. Here is a short list of our standard services:


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Live and Pre-Recorded On-air Weather Reports
Delivered via MP3, ISDN, Digital Comrex (POTS) or telephone. (listen to samples)


Printed Weather Reports
Emailed, faxed, or as HTML. (see sample)


Weather Information On Demand
Meteorologists are available night and day to conduct interviews, answer questions, or provide content to your newscast. (listen to sample)


Site specific or event specific forecasting and nowcasting.


Storm Warnings and Alerts
Proactive “real time” weather monitoring during threatening weather situations.

Features & Benefits

Customer Service 24 x 7 x 365

Sure, everyone claims to have “excellent customer service” but we really mean it. We have even included it as part of our company name because it’s that important to us. When you contact HFS you’ll speak to a real person who will work with you until you’re totally satisfied with the end result. After all, the sole reason our company is in business is because of our legacy of providing outstanding customer service.

The Most Accurate Forecasts Anywhere

We understand that weather forecasts are available from a variety of free sources. However, those other sources are not forecasting specifically for your station nor are they being held accountable for their accuracy. We don’t expect anyone to pay for a forecast if there isn’t any value to it. We excel at providing the most accurate forecasts available in today’s market. In the rare event that our forecast isn’t shaping up the way it should, we will provide you with an updated forecast as part of our standard service agreement.

High Quality Digital Audio

We sound like we’re in your hometown. Literally! HFS uses only industry standard audio production equipment so we can deliver the very best sounding products to your station. There have been several cases where radio stations have told us that our audio products sound even better than their own in-house productions!

Real-Time Storm Warnings

The weather can change in an instant. When severe weather threatens your listening area we will provide you with real-time storm updates. If the situation warrants we can break into live programming and alert your listening audience of any potential danger. This is a valuable service to your listeners and will serve to improve audience loyalty and time spent listening.

Increased Ad Revenues

Weather reports should be sold to advertisers as sponsorships. Sponsorships are an excellent way for an advertiser to maximize reach and frequency and therefore should command a premium advertising rate. This incremental revenue is essential to the health of your bottom line. It is not unusual for a radio station to generate as much as a 5 to 1 return on investment (ROI) from selling a weather sponsorship. In many cases it’s much higher.

Choice of On-Air Talent

HFS offers both male and female on-air talent for SOME dayparts. All holidays and weekends included.

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